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Welcome to another great week at St. Ambrose. If this is Fall, we certainly aren’t feeling it! Hopefully cooler weather is not too far away. We are so glad you could join us today to celebrate the Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

     POWER STRUGGLE: Power struggles occur on every level of society, from the world stage to relationships at work, to our own homes. We struggle for position in the hierarchy of power: Who has power over whom? How do they wield it? What is the source of that power? What is the healthy response?

In this Sunday’s Gospel reading the Pharisees engage Jesus in a power struggle over whether Jews should show tribute to Caesar by paying taxes. Jesus’ response puts this and every struggle for power into perspective. In harmony with the words of Isaiah and Paul, Jesus teaches us that God is the ultimate source of all power—the power of earthly rulers, the Pharisees, Jesus, the Church, and the power within ourselves.

Have a wonderful week. Go out and do something wonderful for yourself and enjoy doing it. Remember to keep a smile on your face—it makes every day a good day!

Fr. Bryan Dalton, Pastor


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