Message From Pastor

Greetings as we begin another new liturgical year in the Church. Advent: a time of hope.

As the calendar year draws to a close and another Church year begins, you have a strange contradiction. Family schedules and personal agendas filled with meetings, programs, parties, and annual obligations, while Churches give a wake up call to believers. The carol “Silent Night” could not have been written today’s world, when its title evokes the peace and stillness modern women and men can only imagine.

Yet this busiest time of year calls us to draw close to others, above all to God, who became flesh and lived with us. Contemplation and traffic jams. Meditation and manic shopping?! Is it possible to carve out moments of quiet when we open ourselves to God’s presence?

Perhaps we have to lower our sights. We’re not necessarily asked to spend hours around hearths and lengthy readings or litanies. After all, the master in the Gospel “left his servants in charge each with his own task.” Our work is part of who we are, but it need not dominate or define us. Between traffic jams and packed parking lots, scribbling holiday notes and decking our halls, there may still be ten minutes—or even five—when the family or whatever group of people meeting quietly gather around a lit candle.

Immanuel, speak to my heart during this season of grace and turn my eyes to watch for your coming.

As we begin the season of Advent let’s make this week a special one. Continue to share the good news of God’s love with each other.

Fr. Bryan Dalton, Pastor


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