Message From Pastor

Welcome to St. Ambrose—we are very happy that you are joining us to celebrate the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Another month and another beautiful week at St. Ambrose. Time certainly has a way of passing you by.

You know, it’s interesting how Jesus left a house of prayer only to enter a house of need. Then again, it’s not so unusual, as we tend to do it ourselves. We leave Church with the words, “go in peace and serve the Lord” ringing in our ears—only to meet people and situations that quickly challenge us to do just that.

In the case of Jesus, His work is filled with meaning. It was used to serve others. Contact with Him inspired others to do the same. Simon Peter’s mother-in-law’s first instinct with her miraculous new found health was not to praise, but to serve others. What about us? Does part of us feel like Job—living and partly living a rather self-contained life, disconnected from others? Is that ladder of success up against the wrong wall?

Maybe the only light is the tail-light of the car ahead of us in the commuter lane. Have we individualized not only our tax system, but our faith and consider it as just a private thing between us and the Lord. But God’s plan for each person is touch, heal and renew our lives, so that others will actively work for His kingdom. Love and serve the Lord, it will bring you new life.

Have a great week—stay healthy—Laugh often and remember to keep in touch with your family and friends. Pray for each other—and please say a prayer for me.


May God bless you always.

Fr. Bryan Dalton, Pastor


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