Religious Education Open Registration


Donna Gonzalez, Director Religious Education

Religious Education Registration Forms 2016-17  are now available.

Open Registration after each mass on Sunday, August 28th—Parish Hall

Classes will begin September 18th.

We are in need of creative teachers for our classes on Sundays and Wednesdays.  If you want to share your faith with our youth, please come in and fill out an application.  All you need is a willing heart, attend a three hour course on how to keep our children safe and be fingerprinted, no cost to you.

You will receive a Catechist Guide with all the answers to help inspire our children to grow in their walk with the Lord.  Parents remember, if you teach a class, the registration fee is waived.

We also are in need of teen aides.  This is a wonderful way for your teen to give back, stay connected to the church and earn service hours for school.  You can fill out an application in the Parish Office.

I hope you all are having a fun and safe summer.

Make time for the Lord.

Remember: “The family that prays together, Stays together.”



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