St Ambrose Church Organ

Our 50-year-old Organ Needs Replacement

For these many years we have repaired our organ when problems have arisen.

We almost did not have the organ for Christmas due to its ever-increasing component failures. The Rogers technicians have been telling us for three years that the organ needs replacement. Many stops do not work. Pedals are missing.

The pipes are so bent and warped they can no longer be repaired. The inside wiring is disintegrating. It’s time for a new organ. We have been offered a tremendous opportunity on a State of the Art Rogers Organ at an unheard of $30,000 discount. But we must act soon. When our Church was built many families stepped forward to memorialize pews, altars, crosses, and many other sacred items in the name of a deceased loved one or in a family’s name. I would like to do the same with our new organ. A plaque would be placed on the side of the organ facing the altar to remain there for eternity. If you think you might be interested in helping, please call the rectory and we will get back to you.


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